Feed Your Skin? Oh Yes! It’s Skin Food’s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask

Who doesn’t love a good exfoliant? There is something so satisfying about giving your skin a good scrub. But beware, dear Kittens—over-exfoliation is a thing. It causes redness, irritation and even tight dryness. What if I told you that I have found an amazing product that allows you all of the satisfaction without the irritation? I have! The answer is black sugar. Yes, it’s true—sweets really do cure everything.

The Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask is rather famous. I had heard a lot so my expectations were high. This is sometimes a recipe for disaster. The first thing you will notice is the softly sweet scent of sugar and lemon. I can’t imagine this not being a comforting scent for people. I mean, we were all raised to believe that food is love, right? Right?

Now it’s time to pay attention. It looks like a very dry exfoliant, but as the name would suggest, this is a MASK! It contains moisturizing properties that are not a part of your regular exfoliant. Mix a little product with some water or toner and apply to your face, massaging very gently. After 15 minutes, I wash it off while giving it another very light massage.

Result? My skin is soft as a baby’s butt. It’s the butt of a baby, Kittens!

One thing to mention is if you use toner, make sure  it does not contain chemical exfoliants (AHA, BHA). I have been using and loving the Benton BHA Toner, but because my skin can become red and irritated, I skip it entirely when using a scrub.

Now, you will have cleansed and exfoliated. Proceed to the rest of your skin care steps and be amazed at how your smoothed skin will literally drink in the product. Again, if you are prone to redness, use your most gentle products on exfoliation day. No 10% AHA moisturizer!

Most people find that once a week is enough exfoliation, but pay attention to your skin. For some this may be too much. Rarely even, too little. Not scrubbing hard is key, no matter how satisfying that might be. Be conscious of when your skin starts to look dull. Everyone is different!

Am I the only one craving sweets now?

Until next time, MEOW!

8 thoughts on “Feed Your Skin? Oh Yes! It’s Skin Food’s Black Sugar Wash Off Mask”

  1. I bought this two weeks ago without any expectations (was disappointed by their Black Sugar Oil Cleanser). It’s currently sitting next to my keyboard. I LOVE this mask! The first time I used it, I looked in the mirror and saw my face was glowing. I also can’t remember the last time my face has felt so soft. This mask is definitely a winner and I will be rebuying!

  2. This sounds awesome! I have been looking for a new facial mask and have never used one with sugar. I’ve done clay, plant based but never sugar! Adding this to the list. Would love for my skin to glow too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I never even heard of it before I read your post, but it sounds great! I usually just use a homemade sugar- or coffee scrub for exfoliating, but this mask really seems like a special treat for yourself.

    1. It is not expensive at all. I am HEAVILY into Korean beauty products, as my credit card will show. Luckily, the prices are far better than products here for great quality.

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