Cushion Foundation – The Problem Might Be You

Who doesn’t want the beautiful skin you see in K-dramas and K-pop videos? Are you going to pretend you don’t know what I am talking about? Okay, I suppose there is a tiny chance that the entire world is not in on the secret. A big part of the equation is the most common of K-beauty products, that item which has been shown to turn the dullest complexion into pure silk goodness—the cushion foundation.

Here’s the thing—not every cushion foundation is for everyone and that skin perfection you seek may also require some knowledge when it comes to application. These are some things that I’ve discovered as I’ve journeyed along the cushioned path.

First of all, let’s consider that unearthly glow that healthy Korean skin has in those damn dramas that wring tears from my eyes at every turn. The word is definitely dewy. Now, to the Western eye that is accustomed to an entirely matte finish where the shine comes from piling on of highlighter, this dewiness sometimes reads as oily. It takes getting used to. What if you have oily skin and hate the shine? Does that mean cushions aren’t for you? HELLS NO, HOOKA! (RIP Lafayette) With a primer and setting powder, both of which you may be using anyway, you can easily have a finish more to your liking. Remember, a little moisture is a good thing! (‘That’s what she said.’ Rewatching the U.S. ‘Office’ right now. Shaking my head at myself.)

For those of us with dry or dehydrated skin, this finish is a goddess-send. No chalky, dry, desert surface skin. I had a different problem and that had to do with dry patches. This is where we need to talk about application method.

Always apply on a well moisturized skin. This should be obvious but because of that dewy finish, some think it isn’t as big a deal. Makeup will always look better on well-prepped skin. Always.

Invest in a mist. ‘Catty Cosmetician, what the frak is a mist?’ Kittens, regardless of your skin type, it is something you simply must have. The one I have been using is inexpensive … and adorable! You can see it in the image above.

The Pocket Bunny. It sounds like the name of a vibrator. In our house it is also know as ‘The Pocket Bun’ or ‘The Bun Bun’, as in, “Pass me the Pocket Bun.” There are two versions—the Sleek Mist and the MOIST Mist.

I didn’t even have to try to work the word moist into conversation, Kittens! It’s right there.

Anyway, back to business. The Sleek Mist is recommended for oily skin and contains citrus extracts known to benefit those with excess sebum. The Moist Mist contains extract of peach, raspberries and apples, known for their moisture enhancing properties.

What do these have to do with cushion foundation? EVERYTHING! A quick spritz onto your face provides a nice bit of moisture as a base, especially if you are quite dry. A quick, light spray onto the air puff is what will make the biggest difference. The added moisture prevents the foundation from clinging to flakes or emphasizing dryness. It also helps keep a light hand as another key to gorgeous skin using cushion foundation is …

Build up your coverage! You know those videos focused on a palette knife as it smears paint slowly across a surface until the whole thing is covered. So satisfying, right? I could watch for hours. It can be just as satisfying to push your airpuff to the bottom of the cushion and watch the foundation pool around the edges. Don’t fall prey to this Devil-induced temptation! Not everyone comes back from that.

Pat the cushion enough enough to deposit a light amount on the slightly dampened airpuff. A good practice is also to turn the compact around while tapping so that the airpuff is covered more evenly. Now you should have enough to deposit a light coverage. Pat pat pat to apply, NEVER rub rub rub, and build up to the coverage you need. You can go a little heavier where needed and super-light where you don’t. If you go in with a thick coat on the first try, you risk looking like my worst nightmare—the Kardash-mess. If that’s a style you love, you should embrace it! But it’s not what this product is for.

I’ve learned these things through much research, trial and error. All of these things work for me. Kittens, you know I wouldn’t lead you a-STRAY.

Until next time, MEOW!




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