Now THAT’S a Sheet Mask — TONYMOLY Caviar Mask

You may recall that I did a review about a sheet mask that I thought to be very disappointing. Okay, let’s be real—it sucked. I hated the entire experience. I had a few people ask me to recommend a sheet mask that I like. There are so many, but last night I used one that is truly noteworthy, the TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Caviar Sheet Mask.

What makes a great sheet mask? First of all, it better sit comfortably on my darn face! If I am expected to leave it on for up to 30 minutes, I don’t want to feel like I am being waterboarded. The TONYMOLY Caviar Sheet Mask is made of cotton and fits on your face like a second skin, but not in a serial killer / Leatherface kind of way. Oh no, Kittens. This is light, with perfect eye holes to watch an episode of ‘The New Girl’ while it works it’s magic. The nose and mouth holes allow for actual breathing, unlike the aforementioned atrocity of a mask.

What also makes this mask fantastic is the consistency of the liquid. The viscous—that’s my favorite word for this post—liquid doesn’t run down your neck the entire time. You don’t feel like you’re drowning! At the same time, the mask is completely saturated with essence. Soaked! After 30 minutes it was still wet enough that I wiped the remainder on the backs of my hands and arms. Never waste a beautiful drop, my Kittens!

The most important thing is results. I did the mask as part of my nighttime routine, so when I got up the next morning, I hurried off as quickly as these feet could carry me straight to the bathroom. The mask had been meant to provide a burst of nutrition. My face felt moist to the touch, as it should when healthy. There was a nice glow and my skin was plump and full.

Odd how if I said any other body part was ‘plump and full’ it could be an insult. Don’t you talk about my plump butt!

The final question to address is ‘Why caviar?’. Studies have been done that have shown applying it topically can boost collagen production, but many dispute the results. What can’t be denied is that caviar extract is loaded with skin-friendly vitamins and omegas, and it acts as a great humectant. You have to try it to experience the results. Trust me, Kittens.

I will speak at length on the ingredient in the future. Stay tuned! As for the mask, 10 out of 10 I would do it again.

Until next time, MEOW!




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