The Lip Gloss Made Me Do It

There are a few things that every Canadian knows—

1 – winter is cold

2 – moose are friggin’ huge

3 – poutine is a food group

4 – electric heat leeches all semblance of moisture from your skin.

5 – winter is cold.

Can you guess which one I had planned to address in this blog post? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t poutine. My face was definitely feeling the change of weather. I made some changes to my daily routine with great results! I promise you will hear about this, my Kittens, but right now I am being forced to talk about something else. Why? The lip gloss is making me do it!

I’ll start by saying that I am not a ‘balm’ person. I have never owned a chap stick. I will also not forgive people who call it ‘lip chap’. It’s lip gloss or lipstick. Give me coverage or give me nothing!

But, I have gone through some dark times of late. With all of the moisture leaving my skin, my lips have paid a price. I actually thought I would have to be a public-balm-wearing-beeatch! That’s just not me, Kittens. I applaud balm wearers, but I. Am. Not. ONE!

Every day I would sit in front of my computer, ready to teach kids on the other side of the world. I wouldn’t want them to think that Canadians lack basic grooming skills, I always have my face on. I am not an animal! For three hours each morning I would wear my usual lip colors that are always comfy. Nope, no more! The damn heat that I need on—because see above re. winter is cold—had made my lips so tight and dry that nothing felt right. I saw a long, dry path ahead of me.

The other day, I decided to try a lip gloss that I hadn’t worn in awhile. It was something I’ve spoken about before in a post about drugstore finds, but it needs it’s own time.

Nyx Butter Gloss

They are inexpensive, have up to medium coverage and smell like cake. They aren’t sticky and have beautiful shades. Seriously beautiful. Most important, after a day of wearing one my lips felt so much better that I could cry tears of joy! I don’t know what it is. These are not marketed for having hydrating properties and I see nothing in the ingredients that is unique to Butter Gloss. Mineral oil, beeswax, some skin conditioning agents with super long chemical names. Really, I think they hide little water fairies in the wand. They dance along your lips leaving water droplets behind.

There is only one drawback to this product. They are small. If you like a shade, buy it two at a time so you never run out. You never want to run out, Kittens.

I will soon get back to the regularly scheduled posts about winter skin. This was a related but unplanned topic. Again, the gloss forced my hand!

Until next time, MEOW!

7 thoughts on “The Lip Gloss Made Me Do It”

  1. Thank you! I needed this post! The fourth colour from the left is my fav and represents every lipgloss or lipstick I have ever purchased except for the time I went shopping with Diane….

  2. I’ve never been one for lip balm’s, I don’t know why I do believe it could just be a case of that I’ve not found the right one. I hate the thought of my lips being bare if I’m going out. I spend a lot of time using lip scrubs to help me out. I may just have to give these a try!

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