The Search for the Holy Grail Eye Cream — Mizon

I won’t lie—I have been known to run around the house screaming about my desperate need for injections. I want them all. Not that I want to look like a crazy person with puffed up lips whose face doesn’t move, but if I had money I would have ALL the injections. Alas, I don’t have the disposable cash, so instead I am searching for the eye cream to end all eye creams. Fine lines are the enemy, Kittens!

I have tried so many that I’ve lost count. This search began years ago when I myself was just a bumbling Kitten. Armed with little but a love of all things beauty, I launched myself down the path. This brings me to a frequently asked question—how old should I be when I start using eye cream?

There is no universal answer to this. What I can tell you is that no one has ever said, “Damn, I look rode hard for 100 years because I started using eye cream too young.” The myth that ingredients won’t work when you need them if you begin to young is just that—a myth. Also, think about what your mother had available back in the day. Are people still looking for the same active ingredients now? Nope. Unless you are a hippie who thinks spreading coconut oil on your face is the Fountain of Youth.

Spoiler alert—it’s NOT and this might not be the blog for you.

I tried a few eye creams in 2017.

Shiseido ‘Ultimune’ Power Cream (Serum)  – meh …

Estee Lauder Resilience Liftbetter but still … meh.

Neostrata Eye CreamThis one was better! Still ultimately … meh. Not worth the price.

Those are three that underwhelmed to varying degrees. Now on to the one I am discussing today.

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

Kittens, you know that I love snails. My post about my beloved COSRX Advanced Snail 92 cream should have made that abundantly clear. The question becomes, ‘Are snails the answer to my eye cream woes?’

Let’s start with what the Mizon claims to do. The eye cream is said to hydrate—something I expect from a snail product—reduce the appearance of fine line and brighten the eye area. Reducing fine lines can be the by-product of hydration—a good, plump skin is not as likely to be wrinkled. I mention that because I want to be clear on how effective this cream was for me.

It is nice light texture that absorbs well into the skin. I am not a fan of thick, overly rich eye creams. Too much product on such delicate skin can lead to milia, small keratin bumps under the skin that are best removed by a dermatologist. The gel-cream texture of the Mizon is exactly what I look for in a product.

One star for Mizon!

There was immediate hydration which was just plain lovely. It gave me plenty of hope that this could possibly be it—the Holy Grail! The problem is that this initial hydration did not last. Noooooo!! By 5 PM on a normal day, a close examination would show that tissue papery texture that happens through lack of hydration. You have to use the cream twice a day, but the first application didn’t span the gap between applications.

I have particularly dehydrated skin. I feel the Mizon level would be adequate for a mildly dehydrated, slightly dry or oily skin type. If you lack hydration like I do, you’ll probably be left with an “it’s okay but … meh.”

I do not have problems with dark circles as a general rule, but the ingredient contained in this —niacinamide—is considered to be very effective in that particular struggle. Kittens who have this problem, have you tried niacinamide? What do you think? Based on the inclusion of this ingredient, this product would be worth a try if dark circles are a concern.

Finally, the other active ingredient—meadowseed foam oil—is so full of antioxidants that it’s redonk! People always talk about antioxidants, but what do they have to do with skin care? Well Kittens, they have everything to do with glowing, happy, beautiful skin.

This is the best way to describe antioxidants—if you cut an apple in 2 and leave it sitting on the counter it becomes brown. That process is called oxidation. If you squirt—that word is a little like ‘moist’ lol—a little lemon juice onto the apple, SHABAM! No oxidation because lemon juice is, you guessed it, an antioxidant.

Imagine your skin like the apple, turning brown. Without protection, it becomes dull and lifeless looking as the cells oxidize. The meadowseed foam oil and massive dose of antioxidants is like a big SQUIRT—I amuse myself—of lemon juice on the apple. Your skin will stay fresh and remain bright and fresh!

What is my conclusion after using almost an entire container? It’s not for me because the hydration level is not high enough and I don’t think it’s major potency in the fight against wrinkles. It’s ok but, say it with me, meh.

I would definitely recommend for anyone from 20 to late 30’s who are looking for some milder hydration, prevention of damage and treatment of dark circles. The 20.00 price point can’t be beat. Well worth it!

I know the specific concerns of my skin, and this eye cream is not for me. The search continues. I already have my next one picked out! Are you excited, Kittens?

Until next time, MEOW!

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  1. I too am always on the search for eye cream. I don’t have dark circles but I get puffy eyes and of course am always looking for something to fight the wrinkles. I have a couple of faves – but nothing amazing yet. Can’t wait to hear what you’re going to chat about next.

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