Garnier Sheet Masks—Yay, Nay, or WTF

Sheet masks are a cornerstone of the Korean beauty regimen. You should know how I feel about K-beauty, and if you don’t, let me tell you—it’s the greatest thing to happen to the world since roller skates, lip gloss, and cats. Read about one of my favorite Korean products here.

To see the West take an interest in Korean beauty is phenomenal! Some get upset, probably the same people who throw tantrums when the world discovers their favorite band. It makes them feel less special. Well, suck it up Princesses because my Kittens are spreading the word! The way I see it, products and treatments that can be difficult to find are just going to be more accessible.

Enter the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks

Let’s start at the beginning. Why choose sheet masks? The ingredients included in the mask are the same as you might find in other formats of skin care, the difference is the delivery method. Instead of having high value ingredients mixed into a cream or clay to create a mask, you have the purity and potency of a serum soaked into a sheet. You are then able to drench your face as though you are swimming in a pool full of youth! Oh, that sounded sketchy. Pool full of youth not YOUTHS. You naughty, Kittens.

These are not meant as a replacement for serum but rather as a boost or way to treat yo’ self throughout the week. They are also a fantastic idea when traveling and you are forced to endure that dry recycled cootie air.

Long story short—Korean sheet masks = AWESOME!

How do these Garnier ones compare? I was crazily excited to find out. Being able to easily access these masks would make my life so much easier.

My face was slightly irritated from another treatment I had done—ahhh, the cost of beauty—so I immediately grabbed the pink, extra soothing mask with chamomile. My bestie was willing to make herself a guinea pig and used the blue one with pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid. We were cleaned, we were relaxing, we were ready to go!

As I lay the mask on my face I ran across the first problem. The mask has this double layer of fabric action going on. The blue layer is supposed to go on top and it is the stiffer of the two.

Lovely, no? 😉 Are you spotting the problem? The mask doesn’t lay flat! When the blue sheet was peeled off it moved the whole thing around and I have yet to figure out what it’s purpose was. It was totally annoying. There is always a little bit of dripping, but this was ridiculous. Because the mask would not adhere properly I had liquid pouring down my neck. A potential waste of liquid beauty! This was not acceptable.

There was also a problem with the eye, nose and mouth holes. They were oddly placed and too small making it hard to breathe. I was getting product up my nose and in my mouth. Just in case the problem was my face, I asked my bestie if she was having the same problem. Yup! It was not a pleasant 15 minutes.

Beauty though, right? This can be endured if the results are great. I removed the mask and patted the remaining product into my face, just as the instructions told me to. You all know that I am always very obedient. It specifically said that no rinsing was necessary. I don’t know what kinda skeeze these people are accustomed to having on their faces, but this sheet mask left a sticky, tacky residue that didn’t go away. It wasn’t the wonderful, moist feeling of a great ampoule. It reminded me of the feeling on your skin when you have been swimming in salt water, times 100.

Time to look at results. One use of both of these sheet masks is said to leave skin

1 – fresher – we both agreed NOPE!

2 – softer – we both agreed NO!

3 – mine claimed my skin would be soothed – maybe, but I couldn’t tell if it was just the usual healing progress. I wouldn’t say there was a major impact. FAR better products out there.

4 – bestie’s said it would be more radiant – this is one of those nebulous terms that you have to say, ‘you know it when you see it’. It’s true, radiant skin is gorgeous skin. Her skin is great, but was not more radiant. So, NAY!

The biggest question of all is of course, “Catty, will you buy the Garnier Sheet Masks again?”

My answer is HELLS TO THE NO!

Until next time, MEOW!

7 thoughts on “Garnier Sheet Masks—Yay, Nay, or WTF”

  1. I actually really enjoy their sheet masks. I’m not sure if you removed the thicker blue layer once putting it on (you’re supposed to), and this makes it a lot easier to really get it flush on the skin. I definitely agree there’s something wrong with the holes, but I do think it adds a lot of moisture to my skin. I used them while traveling too and it was just so easy. Sorry they didn’t work for you! Which ones do you like?

    1. Hi! I’m glad you like them. 🙂 Yes, I removed the blue but I found that a little annoying too because it moved things around and just seemed useless to the application process. It really did nothing to add moisture to my skin, which is very dehydrated. I have used Korean ones by The Face Shop that I really liked. I also really liked these random hydrogel ones that I found here at a local drugstore but I haven’t been able to find them again. That’s my own stupidity. I have a few more to try and will definitely be adding more posts. Let me know if you have any others you liked!

  2. I actually like the result of these, review will be up soon…But that blue sheet is the bain of my existence!!! Like do we really need to be wasting resources on our planet!!! It’s the dumbest thing ever!

    1. I’m glad some people like them. It is so great to have such an accessible company making the product. Seriously, I could find no good in them at all. My dehydrated skin saw absolutely no benefit from the product at all. They just could not come close to comparing to other ones I’ve tried.

  3. The photo of you in the sheet mask is just brilliant! I must say though that i love these facemasks! The blue top sheet is sooo annoying! Their existence plagues me.

    1. I really wish someone could explain to me what that damn blue sheet is for. WHAT IS IT FOR? I daresay no answer would satisfy me.

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