Pry the Glitter From My Cold Dead Hands

I am not trashy, I swear. My makeup on the daily is fairly sedate, but I do love a touch of shine.


See, there’s some gold around the eyes, a little sparkle on the lip. Sometimes it can be more. But this brings me to what I want to talk about—my least favorite words in the English language. I know a lot of words too, I know all the words, the best words. Just kidding, I am not a Trump-style idiot. Back to the topic of my least favorite words.

Age appropriate. Who came up with that turd of poo? I know one thing for sure, they had a Hell of a lot less fun than this person.


Baddie Winkle

If you don’t know Baddie then you need to check out her Instagram account. The photo and many more are found there. She’s had a tough life, but this 88 year old listens to no one when it comes to how she should present herself. She is joy! She is also probably the first 88 year old to host parties for Smirnoff! haha!

Am I trying to say that we should all invest in rainbow crochet? NO! That would be so inauthentic, and THAT is the problem. When I worked in cosmetics I would have people come in, always looking for the latest trend. It didn’t matter if it suited their personality, their innate style. NOPE! If the right celebrity wore it than they wanted it.

I am 110 years old. According to many I should not wear glitter but guess what—I will never stop! It makes me happy to look in the mirror and see the sparkle. And have you picked up on the idea that glitter is a metaphor? I will also never feel like I am too old to do something I truly want, no matter what others think.

I am planning a big move for next year, just because it’s a dream. Some would say I’m too old, but I would tell them to eat the dirt I kick up as I shimmy away.

Until next time, MEOW!



2 thoughts on “Pry the Glitter From My Cold Dead Hands”

  1. I’m in love w/her. I hope if im lucky enough to reach her age that i have as much spunk
    I also have a question about a previous post. What was the elf product you featured, I tried to find the post was unable…..thanks

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