Falling in Love Smells Like This

Korea, you beautiful beast! Stop falling in love with me. You seduce me with your beauty care ways.Well, gentle reader, let me weave you a tale that will seduce you as well.

Off the coast of of South Korea lays a land of beauty, a paradise, if you will. It is called Jeju Island. It is a land of clear water, rocky cliffs, and greenery. Are you entranced yet?


Jeju Island

Innisfree has incorporated many natural ingredients from this promised land into their products and to amazing effect. Seaweed, orchid, green tea seed—these are just a few of the things found in the products. Tell me your heart doesn’t beat faster to think of it!! If you say ‘no’ then you may be dead. Dead, I say!

But, gentle reader, this story shall not have a body count, so let’s guide the tale away from such silliness.

The product that has me under it’s romantic spell is the Wine Jelly Sleeping Mask. The polyphenols found in wine have been recognized for the amazing antioxidant power and benefit to the skin. People always throw the word ‘antioxidant’ around like they are getting paid per use, but have you ever heard what these actually do? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

This is another, albeit brief, chapter, gentle reader. If you cut an apple in two and sit it on the counter, what happens? It turns brown. That is oxidization. The cells on the surface of the apple break down as they interact with oxygen. If you splash a little lemon juice on on the apple and then sit it on the counter, what will happen? NOTHING! Lemon contains antioxidants that protect the apple from breaking down.

Back to the main story of our protagonist, the Wine Jelly Mask.  I have tried other masks in the past that contained polyphenols derived from grapes. This is by far the best. You open the jar and are instantly hit with the glorious smell of wine. Wine, people! How much better can you get? It is a definite smell. I might think it smells like money. Don’t judge me.

As the last stage of your skin care, put a good coat of the jelly mask on and go to bed. When you wake up, rinse and complete your usual skin care routine. What miraculous thing will have occurred after use? You will immediately see an amazing glow because the dead skin cells have said, ‘Bye bye’. You won’t miss them. Also, the polyphenols are known to increase moisture retention. Great for use in the winter. So is wine—what a coincidence! I see investments in my future, investments in a vineyard.

Fall in love with this mask. Fall in love with Korea and K-beauty. But don’t expect it to love you more than me.

Until next time, MEOW!

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