Who Is This Catty Cosmetician?

When I was in 7th grade I went into a drugstore cosmetics department. I was by myself as my mother was shopping elsewhere. I approached the cash register clutching my very first pressed powder as though it were made of gold. As I handed it over to the cosmetician, she asked warily, “Would you like me to make sure it’s the right shade?” I wordlessly held out my wrist, as countless magazines had told me to always match to the inner wrist area (I have since learned better). She held the powder next to my arm, a grin on her face, and finally exclaimed with shock, “Wow! You got it right. You have a great eye!”

That’s when I knew, makeup is in my SOUL!

Eventually I became that cosmetician, working in the industry for 6 years. I would have stayed forever, but hours on my feet and a bad back made it impossible.

Now I work teaching English online, but my soul still craves cosmetics. This is where I’ll get my fix.