From JOLSE – secretKey Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Multi Patch

I have never been more excited to write a post, Kittens! First of all, I received a product in exchange for an honest review on the site. You KNOW there is nothing this Catty Cat loves more than giving her opinions, so I took it a step further and decided to share with all of you here. Secondly, the product is the secretKey Marine Racoony Hydrogel Eye and Multi Patch! This is a brand I have wanted to try for awhile, but I am still a secretKey virgin. I have also long been fascinated with those shiny looking eye patches I have seen from different companies. This was a complete two birds, one stone situation.

Finally, I am doing this for This is my absolute favorite online source for k-beauty. Prices are good. Samples are amazeballs. Reward system firmly in place? Hells yeah! And most important, fantastic customer service.

Let me tell you a tale that is true. You know that I don’t lie, Kittens. This past December, I ordered a product that I was dying to try. Spoiler alert—it’s Missha Time Revolution Essence and I have a review coming. First thing to note is that my package was coming from Korea all the way to Canada. As always, it was ridiculously well packaged, full of cushioning material, but alas, it is a glass bottle and it broke in transit. I was so sad! I messaged and told my story to their customer service team and waited for a response. It was December so I was prepared to wait awhile. NOPE! As soon as their work day started they responded and after a couple of emails and a picture they had it sorted and a credit in my account! They had even given me a choice to have a PayPal refund. This whole process took maybe 20 minutes.

One of the most important things when shopping online is knowing that you will have great service. Trust me, is the best.

Now that we’ve talked about where to buy, let’s get to the product itself.

First impression of the hydrogel patches—there is a lot of liquid in this jar! I am a lover of the face mask hack of saving remaining liquid in a jar and using it as essence. Not to mention that it says you can dissolve the patches in hot water to use the same way. What is THAT sorcery?

There is a light but very fresh smell. I live near the ocean and it is a very ‘oceany’ scent. I honestly don’t think this is strong enough to put off even those who hate fragrance.

The ingredients are impressive—kelp, chlorella and carob seed each play a role in skin recovery and moisture retention. Tons of antioxidants are always great for skin health.

Fish collagen is definitely the one that commands attention, and it deserves a little discussion. Collagen is a tricky ingredient. Many creams claim to contain collagen that will miraculously make your wrinkles disappear as it will ‘replace’ what you have lost. Is this true?  Sorry, Kittens. Even if they call it ‘micro-collagen’, as some companies do, no one has ever proven that the molecule can be broken down small enough to reach the deeper layers of skin, and that’s where it needs to be. Now, some researchers claim that marine collagen CAN do this. The jury is still out and I am DEEPLY dubious. Does this make it a useless ingredient? Let’s not get crazy! Marine collagen is fantastic at plumping up skin with pure moisture, and that improves the look of lines dramatically.

So, where does this bring us? We have a product with great ingredients for hydration and skin health, two things everyone needs around the eyes.

I wanted a strategy for testing the product. A reminder, I have dry / dehydrated skin. It has been in pretty good condition lately but for around my eyes in the crows feet area. For some reason, there are dehydration lines there that I can’t get rid of. Not all wrinkles! Don’t harass me so near my birthday, cruel Kittens! I know which ones are wrinkles and would love them improved, but most are dehydration lines. I decided to try the patches for 3 consecutive days to give a big BOOST of moisture, monitor closely and see the results.

Day 1 – Tried the hydrogel eye patches and left them on for 30 minutes. They slide around a little. It said to put them on with the spatula, but clearly that was too much for me because they just flopped all over my face. Once I had them in place, they were fairly secure for 30 minute. So wet with product! Felt incredibly refreshing. If you have tired or sore eyes, this would be amazing. When I took them off I noticed an immediate difference, though subtle. The dehydration lines were definitely improved and my skin looked so plump!

Next morning, the improvement is still there. Again, it is subtle but enough for me to be impressed thus far.

Day 2 – Again, there were immediate results and this time more obvious. The next morning the dehydration lines are still reduced. These are pretty fantastic!

I also don’t know if it was my placement, but the patches adhered better when wearing them. There was no danger of them falling off.

It occurs to me these would be great if you have any eye puffiness. They are already soothing but if they were kept in the fridge and applied in the morning they could have some serious de-puffifying superpowers!

Day 3 – The final day of the hydrogel patch trial. I’ve mastered the placement and must say, the cumulative effect has been great! I have had a friend double-check my results and the morning after the third use, the skin around my eye looks so much better. The dehydration lines are reduced and the skin is plump like a roly poly baby!

The big question is, “Catty Cosmetician, would you use these hydrogel patches again?”

The answer is, “SIGN ME UP!” I have already started on a secretKey mist and am fairly certain the brand will make me look like a newborn.

“Waaahhhhh!” <<- Practicing crying for food.

Until next time, MEOW!

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