The Perfect Glitter Shadows

You know this Cat loves a good glitter. If it were possible to speak too much about glitter—it’s not, don’t fight me—then I would be guilty. This post would be shown in court, and my Kittens called as witnesses. Who am I kidding, I would never fight the charges. I would proudly plead guilty, punishment be damned!

I am once again forced to share with you my love of a glitter product. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Stila – ‘Written in the Stars’

Are you drooling? Sometimes the sight of something so beautiful makes my mouth water. These liquid shadows are pure glitter perfection. Because they go on in liquid form, there is zero fall out. This is one reason that these are the most workable glitter shadow I have tried. Trust me, I have tried a lot. Some would say too many, but I would say they have no whimsy.

Next, they wear incredibly well. Of course you will have some glitter fall out over an extended period. This is unavoidable, but in this case is so minimal that you easily handle it. This is my advice if this is a deal breaker—carry a clean air puff and a small spray mist in your bag. Spray a very light mist onto the puff and dab away the errant sparkles. Poof! Perfection once again!

Another thing that should be mentioned is that I wear contacts all the livelong day. Why should you care? Because this glitter does NOT bother my eyes, AT ALL! Throw that excuse out the window, conservative Kittens.

If you followed the link then you saw the beautiful, full depth looks created on the Stila site. What you don’t see is that these are also beautiful for everyday. Apply your shadow as usual. Please don’t try to tell me you wear no shadow. I’ll cry and this mascara is not waterproof. So, again, apply your shadow as usual then place a spot of this glitter in the center of the lid. Use your middle finger to pat it gently, spreading it through the middle of the lid. Are you daring enough to do this in the day? I am! If not, it is the perfect look for dinner or a night out. BEAUTIFUL!

Long story short, this glitter is amazing. Buy it. Buy it all. No, not all! I will definitely need more, and backups, and a stockpile of backups …

Until next time, MEOW!

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