Dream Products — A Makeup Snob For 5 Minutes

I am not a makeup snob. Cost has no bearing on whether or not I will try something. There are many great high end products that I would love to try, but I get just as jazzed thinking about the ColourPop Semi Precious Shadow Palette. I mean, have you seen it? Does your mouth not water at the sight?

Honestly, I think I would hold it close at night if I had this palette.

I feel this way about many makeup and skincare items. Some of these, sadly, are wish list items that are far out of my price range. I used to bandy about the idea of selling my first born, then I realized that meant going through childbirth and no amount of skincare was worth that!

And that is the story of how I found out that yes, I do have boundaries.

While I accept that I may never get to use these, I thought I would share a few items that for which I might commit a victimless crime. Don’t judge me, Kittens! I said victimless.

The first is the most inexpensive, but at 76.00 USD is still not justifiable.

Guerlain Meteorites Highlighter

These come in a few different glowing shades, but all even out the skin tone and I am fairly convinced would make me look like I am aging backwards. They are the OG of highlighters and will make you look like a fairy princess. That’s right, I said it—fairy freakin’ princess! Who doesn’t want to be a fairy princess?

The second product is one that I was lucky enough to sample. Sometimes samples are wonderful, and other times they hint at what life is like on the other side. Please, Lady, let me live someday like the other half live! I don’t want money for evil reasons. I don’t want power or to be in an upper level of society, looking down on the peasants. I AM a peasant, Dammit! I want money for noble reasons. I would do nice things, give many donations … and have wonderful skin. And this is one of the things I would use.

fresh Black Tea Firming Corset Cream

At 122.00 CDN, there is no point to trying this even once because it would just set my standards too high. My sample lasted 3 days and I used it as a night cream. In that short time my hydration level went up dramatically. My skin was more plump and firm. In only 3 days! I can only imagine what a permanent regimen would do.

I will say right now that you don’t have to spend money to have great skin, especially when you start exploring Kbeauty. Wouldn’t it be great to have the entire world of choices at your fingertips? *sigh*

Finally, the pinnacle of what I would try if I had the money. I will preface by saying that I have had eczema and clinically dry skin my entire life. When I was a young child I used to have to put corn oil on after a bath. Think about the grossness.

The following cream that is 240.00 – 275.00 CDN forces me to believe that it would cure all of my problems. Once slathered on, I would instantly lose 20 lbs, my dishes would be done and I would have a new wardrobe.

La Mer Body Crème

Never mind that I use so much moisturizer this would probably last less then a week. I wonder what it would be like to fill a bathtub and jump right in? Would anyone like to sponsor that experiment? Anyone???

Never stop dreaming beauty dreams, Kittens.

Until next time, MEOW!


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