Beauty Blogs—Not All Are Created Equal

There are 3 billion beauty blogs out there. I haven’t researched, but I’m fairly certain that number is scientifically accurate. The glass is half full way of looking at this is that there are lots of options to choose from, right?

The reality is a little more bleak as not all beauty blogs are created equal. Hey, I am not placing myself above anyone else, Kittens! I’m sure there are many for whom my particular brand of Catty charm is not their cup of tea. I can’t imagine why. I think I’m delightful, but this is my point exactly—we all want different things from our favorite beauty blogs.

What are a few things that determine if I will be reading a blog? Let me share a few of my thoughts.

1 – Bloggers, know your … poop! I kept it PG. This is probably the biggest thing I look for in beauty blogs. There is nothing I hate more than bloggers who put themselves out there as experts when really they know about as much as your average high school football team. There is more to skin care than buying a lot of products. If you make claims about how skin works that make no sense then you’ve instantly lost me. I spent a few years working in the industry and I still have a lot to learn! Be humble and read, that’s all it takes.

This is such a huge issue for me that I am going to give an example so that you don’t think I am being excessively meow-ish.

I was watching a vlogger who I mainly followed for other content as she lives in a city I plan on moving to in the future. She does a lot of beauty videos though, and one day I watched one on the topic of eye creams. She was rating what she thought were the best and worst eye creams. One made her list of worst eye creams. Her reason? Because when she used it on her forehead it gave her pimples.

Let’s say that again. She said and EYE cream was bad because when she used it on her FOREHEAD it gave her pimples. Let’s break that down again. She said that the product formulated for a very specific, small area of skin with a typically low oil content gave her pimples when used on an area of skin with a higher oil content. Well freakin’ DUH! Unless specifically for dehydration or dark circles, eye creams tend to be a slightly richer texture because they are meant to moisturize an area that, when dry, shows wrinkles readily. This vlogger frequently had pimples, according to other videos. It is only logical that piling an inappropriate product on a high oil area will make her break out.

But no, it was a BAD eye cream. I swear, I’m twitching. UNFOLLOW!

** There are some good no oil products out there if you are one of those people with oily lids. My comments refer only to the one used in the vlog. And hey, if those oily lids bug you just remember that you will age far more slowly!

2 – Don’t Tell Me There Is One Right Way To Do Makeup! For me, makeup is about fun and expressing myself. I feel good when I look in the mirror and I see a color I like. Yes, there are techniques that help in application and I love reading about those, but don’t tell me that there is only one way to be ‘beautiful’.

Example: I recently watched the red carpet at an awards show. Now, I am not being all poncy when I say that I don’t usually watch TV. I’m not one of those, “No, I don’t watch TV I read books” people. I do read, don’t get me wrong. But nothing is ever on our TV other than YouTube or Netflix, and the computer is used for kdramas. See, NOTHING pretentious there. I am proud of my low-brow standards.

When I watched this red carpet, I was a little shocked. No, I was a LOT shocked. Because I usually watch things from a different country, I actually found myself out of touch with American beauty standards. I am well-versed in the notion of contouring and know that a lot more makeup is worn by U.S. celebrities than those I am accustomed to watching. This was nuts though! When did the 80’s porn star look become something to strive for? I blame Kardashians. I blame Kardashians for most things, but definitely this.

What I am saying is this—if these women felt good then that’s awesome! That’s the point of makeup. But when a blogger tells me that I need dark colors to contour my pale ass Acadian face, I am out of there before the page has time to load. Did these women ALL think they looked good or was someone telling them this is what they should do? I don’t know. But I won’t be making that mistake! At the very least I want to look like a MODERN porn star!

3 – *controversial* Don’t Try To Buy My ‘Follow’ If You Have Nothing To Say Ah, makeup Twitter / Instagram. You do love a giveaway in return for a Follow. Here is the problem I have with this—if you have nothing else to say once I follow you then I am not going to stay. What is the point of amassing this crowd of followers, sending them to your blog and then having nothing of value to say other than ‘look at what I bought today’? If you want to know someone who does the giveaway right, then check out Dave Lackie. He should be the standard giveaway-rich beauty blogs strive for. He KNOWS his POOP! He has a great site with more information than anyone else I can think of. He gives great products in exchange for wonderful information. THIS is how things should work. Don’t try to buy me. I’m not that cheap. 😉

4 – An English Teacher ‘Must Say’ Sweet Mother of Jesus on roller skates, DO A DAMN SPELL CHECK! If you are running a blog, can you at least try to spell. I know, this bugs me more than most, but it’s the least to expect of a ‘writer’, right?

There you go. That is what I look for in a blog. What about you?

Until next time, MEOW!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Blogs—Not All Are Created Equal”

  1. So true. I have seen vlogs from people with dehydration wrinkles talking about skincare. I’m like WTF??? Nope. “It feels very moisturizing.” MMmmkay.

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