Liquid Lip Whose Love Lasts

A good lipstick is like a hug. The feeling of it sliding onto your lips is like wrapping yourself in someone’s arms. I know you must have thought this before, right? *tumbleweeds* RIGHT? Are you out there, Kittens? I can’t believe I am the only one. Maybe you’ve not had the right inspiration. Allow me to provide you with food for many such lipsticky thoughts.

Stila Stay All-Day Liquid Lipstick

I received this set of 3 for the holidays last year from one of my delightful sisters. Since my days in the industry, she has always come to me for makeup advice. I daresay that when she reads this post she will be patting herself on the back for giving the gift of great makeup, something that should never be underestimated. It can solve the world’s problems. Someone should send Trump a gift basket of skin care and possibly something to remove the orange tint. The Twitterverse would be bathed in peace. Fa la la la la …

Let’s come back from that glorious dream to a more sour reality. Don’t worry, my tale of makeup Heaven will soon have us back in our happy place.

We’ve all had the experience of the bad liquid lip. The formulations that give them their staying power often leave your lips dried out and crying for some love. One day’s good look can result in a week’s worth of recovery time. And don’t try to look good for that week. Nope, your lips will put the kaibosh on that as they start to peel and desiccate and look like two dried up prunes stuck to your face. Is that really what you want, Kittens? Prune Face?

Fear not as this is only your fate with a bad liquid lip. The Stila is not only a good liquid lip, it is a freakin’ AMAZING liquid lip! I tried it with no expectations as I had not bought it myself. When I buy something it is usually after I have spent some time coveting, so I know what to expect based on reviews or write-ups. I went into this blind. Immediately after putting it on, I knew it was different than others I had tried. How could it both retain some moisture and NOT transfer? This still boggles my glitter dipped brain. I have one on right now and it feels tacky when I press my lips together—not dry and awful—but I touch a finger to my mouth and nothing! What is this sorcery??? They claim it’s Vitamin E and avocado, but I swear a deal with the Devil was made by someone.

I love the three colors I got in the set. Below I am wearing ‘Lume’ and it is the perfect deep berry bordering on magenta tone.

There I am, ready to start work (I teach online). I hadn’t planned on a photo but realized that lip had to be captured for my Kittens. That. Is. A. Great. Lip. Color.

I also have 2 others—’Beso’ (true red) and ‘Viola’ (an oddly flattering lavender). I love them all. The shades now available are slightly different. ‘Beso’ is still there a definite keeper. ‘Viola’ is not there but seems to be almost exactly replicated in ‘Como’. ‘Lume’ finds a reasonable match in ‘Baca’.

Now, with comfort comes some sacrifice. Some liquid lips make an 8 hour claim. This one lasts a good 4 hours with heavy coffee drinking and no effort to maintain. It is more than a fair trade as I have yet to find one that feels this great and lasts as long.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this or any other good liquid lip? This Cat needs to know!

Until next time, MEOW!


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