Koreans Know Everything

“Catty Cosmetician, where have you been?”

Oh, dear Kittens, life sometimes feels on the verge of exploding. I have been seriously struggling with time management. More accurately, sleep management. I firmly believe that we all have a natural sleep cycle. There are natural morning people and there are night owls. I don’t even BEGIN to understand morning people. My current job has me waking up at 5 AM. Can I do it? Yes. Does it kill me? Almost. I am literally useless for the rest of the day. Little 2 hour naps do nothing when you get up so damn early. If there wasn’t an end in sight, I would not be doing this.

Oh, did I mention that with Daylight Savings I will be getting up at 4 AM?

Enough of that pity party. Time to get to the reason for this post. This came in the mail and I literally jumped out of bed because I was so excited to try it! Yes, you read that right. For one glorious day I felt like I was meant for mornings.

You all know by now that I love K-beauty.  The colors, the style, the packaging—it’s all my jam. Etude House is a particular favorite (for makeup) because of the great prices and range of products. I have long wanted to try what is considered a staple of K-beauty—the cushion foundation. I tried Maybelline, but as stated in a past post (past post, past post, past post—say that 10 times, fast) it was a woeful disappointment. Maybe I just wasn’t meant to love the cushion.

Nevertheless, I held out hope. I ordered the Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF 50 from Etude House. First of all, you read that correctly. SPF 50!! While you should never rely solely on the sunscreen in a beauty product, this level is no joke. Oh Korea, you beautiful bitches, you fear the sun like every sane person should.


Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50

First thing I noticed when applying is that it was NOTHING like that thin and watery Maybelline thing. This baby has some coverage. Not so much coverage that it can’t be applied thinly, but you can definitely use it on a bad skin day and walk out looking flawless. It is completely ‘layerable’—I declare this a word—without looking like a cakey Kardash-mess.

Does it last? Let me tell you about how it lasts! I checked 4 hours later and it was still perfect. I checked after a nap—yes, I napped with makeup, NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!—and it was still perfect. End of day and it still looked great. No primer and no setting powder used. Now, full disclosure, this was not one of my more strenuous days. But still, Kittens, it was pretty amazing.

K-beauty, yet again you have not let be down. My first cushion has lived up to the hype.

One word of advice, nay, a command to be followed lest I come through the screen and exact revenge. Do not let me hear you say, “Well, I tried cushions and didn’t like the puff so I used my beauty blender. I don’t really like cushions though.” I actually read this on an unnamed blogger’s page. I hope you can hear my eyes rolling.

Repeat after me—always use the air puff that comes with a cushion! One more time for the people in the back—always use the air puff that comes with a cushion! It is not like any blender you have ever used and is made specifically to pat on the right amount of  foundation. Pat, pat, pat. That’s all you do.

F.Y. to the I., this blogger who used her blender included an after pic that looked like a Kardash-mess. This is a cautionary tale, my Kittens. Please, follow the right path.

Until next time, MEOW!

P.S. I wore it yesterday in drizzly weather and did notice a bit of settling in pores. Not too awful. I will try it with a primer in such weather and update in the future.

P.S.S. OK, I have tried it a few more times and it does settle in the pores and seems to bring out flakes I didn’t see before. Makes me sad. My search continues!



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