Don’t Eat This Mask!

“But Catty Cosmetician, you’ve already talked about Laneige. You told us about the Water Bank Serum. Are you really so old that you forget things that quickly?”

Of course I remember! Even at 112 years old, I still remember every fine beauty product I have shared with you, but when I like something I LIKE it. Would I hold back and not share something with you for fear of seeming repetitive? Hells to the no, Kittens! My duty is a sacred one—to bring you the best and the cattiest of beauty knowledge.

In that vein, allow me to introduce you to the latest in my Laneige obsession.


Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

Your first impression will definitely be the smell. It smells exactly like berry yogurt. It’s even white like fruit on the bottom berry yogurt pre-mixing. It does not taste like berry yogurt. I am not saying I tasted it (I tasted it), but if I had (I did) it would have been to save my Kittens from spending their money on something they could find in the dairy section. That’s the kind of dedication I have to the cause of Beauty Truth.

While this mask is for all skin types, I don’t think you would like it if you are on the oily side of life. While I don’t share your skin concerns, many of my clients were very vocal about not liking a weighty product on their oily skin. This is not greasy, but it definitely has substance to it. I would say it is best for normal /combo to dry / dehydrated skin.

Now, let’s get to what it does. It makes your skin gorgeous!! The mask contains a very mild and natural chemical exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells. Along with the loads of antioxidants, your skin instantly has a healthier glow. I don’t always believe products that claim to work on collagen synthesis as this one does, but I can tell you that my skin was plumper and firmer after using the mask a few times. Laneige would credit this to a trademarked ingredient called Sogurty, which is a specialized fermented yogurt. I don’t know if that’s what it is, but if so I want a million dollars and a vat of it so that I can BATHE in the stuff. Sogurty, take me away!

There are a lot of products you can try that have questionable results. They may work so slowly that you don’t notice the effects. This is not one of them. Don’t expect a miracle like looking 20 years younger, but if you want your skin to look instantly healthier, glowing and more hydrated than you must try this.

And if you don’t want that for your skin, then why are you here? I don’t understand your kind.

Until next time, MEOW!

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