Am I Really Awake?

Things are just a little different than they were a few days ago. Colors are brighter, smells are sharper, everything that touches my skin is softer, like the feel of kitten toe beans. What changed? I’ll tell you what—my Etude House Tear Eye Liner is what changed!!


Etude House Tear Eye Liner #04

This might be the single greatest product I own, along with the snail cream of course. In fact, I have made a decision. You know how Egyptians would be buried with those things deemed necessary in the afterlife? Well, throw me in my coffin and cover my body with little tiny bottles of sparkly goodness because this stuff is AMAZING!

I know what some of you are thinking. “But Catty Cosmetician, you like glitter. I don’t like glitter. I prefer things to be flat and bland and not hold the joy of life.” (That last bit may have been my addition.) Suspend your disbelief for but a moment people and allow me to prove all of the points.

First of all, the glitter in this is teeny teeny tiny.  Not huge chunks like you get in those dollar store, alcohol-smelling gels at Halloween. They are also in a clear gel so the glitter glory is not overpowering.


See! That’s not too much at all.

Another important point is that this is made to be around your eyes. I have contacts and something like this could conceivably be a nightmare, but this absolutely is not. I napped and everything and NOTHING in my eyes!!!

If it is so subtle then you may wonder what makes it so revolutionary. Trust me, I was not exaggerating. The best way to explain is with a photo. This is a very picture heavy post but it really is the best way to explain.


Do you see how bright and alert my eyes look? Let me put this into context. This photo was taken a 6:30 A. freakin’ M.! What kind of con artist am I anyway? Trust me, I was not feeling bright eyed nor was my tail at all bushy this morning. Can you tell? NO! All the glitter does is really brighten and create shine around the eye. Your eyes look bigger, brighter and infinitely more awake.

The color I have is the beautiful #04 which is a rose gold. There are other shades that are more silvery and I will be trying those as well for a more icy look. Will you get rid of your glitter fear and try one of these?

Until next time, MEOW!

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