The Return of the Gloss

I love a matte lip. I loved a matte lip before loving a matte lip was cool. Years ago I had to search high and low to satisfy these matte urges. Trust me, it it was a dark time.

I will never lose my love of matte, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get super excited about the return of the glossy look for Fall! There are 365 days in a year, and countless reapplications of lip product in a single. How many opportunities are there to try new things?? Math fails me, as always. The mind just boggles, no?

I have been scouting around and have managed to narrow it down to 5 glosses I desperately want to try.


First has to be Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. Everyone has heard about Fenty Beauty I’m sure, the new beauty line that has come out created by Rihanna. People jumped on board like it was a life boat off the Titanic, and there are a few good reasons for this. The most amazing thing about the line is that it has 40 shades of foundation! Those of you who have had a hard time finding a good match either because you have a darker skin tone or, like me, you have the palor of the dead, should find an option! This is huge and goes a long way towards inclusivity in a notoriously ‘ist’ industry.

The one item I really want to try though is the Gloss. I mean, it claims to be a sheer gloss with a slightly rose nude tone that works for everyone. EVERYONE! How is this possible?? I need to see for myself.

Full disclosure: my interest is not based on being a Rihanna fan. I actually find her a little grating. All respect to fans, I’m sure she has her good points, but I kinda feel like I’ve seen her boobs more than my own. Hey, I’m all for freeing the boobs but it seems a little gimmicky. All of this to say that I am basing my desire for this product solely on the fact that it seems pretty damn cool.

Wow, I give new meaning to the word ‘tangent’!


The next product I am dying to try is a more subtle gloss. It is the Korean brand 3CE’s Glass Lip. You will see in the photo that the gloss in this is not quite so BAM! In your face! It is not a shine that will be reflecting bright lights and sunlight, drawing ravens at your face like you’re Tippi Hedren in ‘The Birds’. Nope, this is an everyday gloss for even the most demure among us. Yes, I have demure days! You shut up!

I am obsessed with color #403 that is shown in the photo.


The next one is possibly the funnest one of the bunch—Benefit’s Punch Pop. This is more of a liquid lip color than a straight up gloss. First of all, let’s talk colors. These are freakin’ WILD! LOVE! Secondly, look at the packaging. Maybe I want it because when I was a kid I was allergic to a specific brand of bubble gum and this reminds me of the package. I was one of those allergic kids, also before it was cool. You could say I’ve always been a trendsetter. So, I may be compensating by wanting this gloss for the packaging but I DON’T CARE!


That ‘Cherry’ color tho’.


The next gloss recalls days of yore. The best gloss I have ever owned was a Dior Addict. I still get goosebumps to think of it. The perfect amount of sticky—you want a little weight—without feeling like you have glue on your lips. Now Dior has something even better in Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss. A lip plumper and gloss in one? WHAT?!! It’s forcing me to believe it will work because, well, it’s Dior!

OK, deep breath. Calming myself. The reality is that even if it doesn’t plump lips it does contain hyaluronic acid which is one of the ultimate best moisturizers. You will find it in many face and body creams because it works better than almost anything. Really. I am trying to think of something universally better right now and I can’t. A hydrated lip is naturally going to be at its plumpest. Over time, you should definitely notice that your lips have more moisture. Why are you not jumping up and down right now??

There is an amazing color range. I want them all.


Finally, I wanted to include an easily accessible gloss on the list—Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss. With all of the new and exciting brands out there, and all of the Korean products to explore, you may be surprised to find Revlon on my list, but I have had a long love affair with their products, probably longer than any of my actual love affairs. Whatever, at least there was no messy break up!

For those who like a gloss that is not too sticky, these are fantastic. Don’t be afraid of some of the colors that may appear dark in the tube. These babies are sheer gloss perfection. I am fixated on the ‘Fatal Apple’, which is a perfect wash of red. Like you were eating jam and got it on your lips, but in a cool and attractive way! You know, like a hot slob. That’s a thing, right?

Anyway, which of these do you plan on trying?? What other ones should I add to my list? Oh, maybe I should have whiteboard to list all of my ‘wants’ and I could color code it by eyes, lips, face …

Until next time, MEOW!



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