I Went On a Treasure Hunt

I am a sucker for a drugstore treasure hunt. Just knowing that somewhere on those shelves there could be a hidden product that is perfect for me at a low price … I have goosebumps just thinking about it! I mean that literally. I have actual goosebumps right now.

Cushion foundations have been all the rage in Korean beauty for ages now. Finally, they are spreading to the West, but are they as good as the originals? And can one that’s under 20.00 really do the trick? I know the reviews from my most trusted bloggers / vloggers. I had a good idea of what I should expect. I clutched this cushion like the addict I am and ran to see if I had found an actual treasure, ready to experience all that a cushion could offer.

Maybe I’m an optimist. I think I have expectations that are a little too high. When I interviewed for my first job in cosmetics, I actually told the interviewer that if something had, “microbeads, I have to believe it will work!” Well, it’s been years but I still find myself searching for that elusive perfection for which I will pay next to nothing. Damn you marketers, how do you always know my Achilles heel!

Yesterday’s microbeads is today’s perfect cushion. At their best they should have easy application. YES! They should be buildable up to a medium or full coverage. What is this sorcery!? Korean ones are known for having skin care benefits as well. What next??!!

Let’s start off honest. This Maybelline cushion does not include any of the skin care perks. Not even an SPF! While you should NEVER rely solely on the SPF in a foundation, it never hurts to have that little bit extra and I simply can’t understand why you would not include it. Especially if you are skimping on an aspect that is a mainstay of the products you are replicating.

Anyhoo, I swallowed the disappointment like I have so many times before. I’m single, remember, so I know of disappointment! I decided to try the product with an open mind.

Two things to know ahead of time—when trying foundation to review I do not use primer, nor do I set with powder. I want to see how it performs on its own.

Let’s look at the first criteria I set which was ease of application. Jinkies, if you are in a rush, you can’t get easier than this! The airpuff feels like a sponge, not the one you would find in a powder. It actually has a super smooth texture that I really liked. Remember to pat it on and it is such a quick and easy way to even out your skin!

Now to the bad. They say it is buildable to a medium to full coverage.

It is not buildable to a medium to full coverage. I ‘built’ it like a brick house, layer by layer, slow but sure. It looked okay initially. Not great, but okay. It looked a little like it was sitting on my skin but I decided to see how it played out over time. Turns out it was NOT in the mood to play. Think trying to play with a tiger who hasn’t had a meal in a week. No. Mood. To. Play. After roughly 6 – 7 hours, I did a close inspection. The foundation was patchy and in some spots it was in full on cake mode. You know that look, where it looks like it may have been applied with a trowel? Yup, that’s what it looked like close-up.

Final verdict—if you want a light coverage to simply blend out small things, this will probably be fine. If you need to cover anything more substantial than the slightest redness, you might want to look elsewhere. Unless you like the trowel look. Hey, you do you, boo!


I amuse myself. LOL!

Until next time, MEOW!



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