Learning to Trust Again

Eyeshadow palettes—we all have a love / hate relationship with them. They draw us in with their whispered promises. “Buy me and you will always have the perfect look! I was put together Just. For. YOU!” They appeal to the part of us that misses our childhood watercolor kits.

But the relationship is usually doomed to fail. There is always that one color that you never wear, the applicator that falls apart. You move on to the next but you’ve been scarred. You can’t let go of the bitterness left in your heart by that one damn bastard who took off after he stomped …

Wait, are we still talking about eyeshadow? Oh well, betrayal is betrayal in my books!

I discovered the ideal palette and I am not alone. Urban Decay. That’s right, I am not going to try and pull some obscure brand out from under my butt just to sound ahead of the curve. The fact is that as often as people have tried, the Naked palettes remain unmatched. Naked 2 is my personal go-to, ride-or-die, always-has-my-back, baby.


Look at that! What color here would you NOT wear? If you find one then you are a savage. A SAVAGE! It works for everything. This is my everyday makeup.


OK, park your judgey judgersons at the door. I know you are used to beauty bloggers showing full makeup, but this is reality speaking. I get up at FIVE AM! That’s right. It’s pretty much a nightmare I never thought I would have to live in all of my years as a night owl. My body naturally wants to stay up until 3 and sleep until noon. I’m sure that you can understand that at 5 AM makeup will be simple. Thanks to this palette it is also pretty.

Fourth from the left across the upper lid. BAM! Second from the left under bottom lashes. BOOM! Second from the right under outer bottom third of lash. KABOOM! And just to make the palette that much more versatile, the fifth shade from the left on brows. Uh huh. Perfect color match for me. DONE!

The brush that comes with it is also phenomenal. Even better than some of my pro brushes.

If I want to go out later, I just add a bit of a darker color to the outer v on the lid and I’m ready in lightening flash. I don’t always go with a liner because on my eyes it can seem a little overpowering, but at night one of the two darker ones on the right are perfect along the upper lash line.

Have I waxed sufficiently poetic? There are other Naked palettes as well. The only problem is that you will want all of them. Make room now.

Off to my therapy session. I guess I learned earlier that I may have some trust issues. Who knew?

Until next time, MEOW!

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