A Battle For the Ages

Pour yourself a fine beverage and settle in for what will be a blog full of opinions. For those who know me, it must be hard to believe that I can be opinionated—I am, after all, the very definition of ‘demure’—but nothing grates my cheese like the subject of this post.

BAD MASCARA. Specifically, bad mascara that is way worse when compared to a good one of equal price. Who are the participants in today’s battle?

In the left corner, coming in at 31.00 CDN, we have our contestant from the land of Benefit. With lengthening and volumizing power, say hello to They’re Real Mascara!


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

In the right corner, registering at 30.00 CDN, we have the volumizing fighter from the world of Stila. Put your hands together for Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara.


Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

Two mascaras, same price point. A Battle Royale! Or is it? *tension mounts, the crowd trembles*

Let’s begin with the Stila. First thing you do is pull the wand out of the tube. What do you see then, you might ask? A load of crap is the answer!

stila brush

When I pulled the brush out, I did my best not to dig around for product. Look closely. Do you see all that clumpy mascara between the bristles? Even at the base of the brush there is a big ol’ glob of slop. I can hear some of you now saying, “Well, yes, but you should always wipe down your brush before applying.” No way! If I pay 30.00 for a mascara, I expect to be able to use it without losing half of the product to a piece of tissue I throw in the garbage. I think this is reasonable.

Now let’s look at the Benefit.

benefit brush

Look at this clean, silicone brush. So beautiful, I could weep! Just enough product to go on smoothly without clumpy sloppiness. A nice rounded end to make application to bottom lashes simple. It doesn’t get better than this.

Really though, what matters most is how it looks.


Yup, that’s my eyeball. Minimal other makeup because I wanted the lashes to be the focal point. Fuzziness is because I enlarged the pic. There is no photoshop or other improvements as that seems like a big stinkin’ lie on a beauty blog. And frankly, people get a little crazy with the doctoring photos. Do you think that people don’t see you in real life? We KNOW what you look like!

Wow, I am easily distracted.

Anyway, the first thing you might say is that my lashes look really dark. No joke! They look dark because they glooped all of my lashes together! Look carefully and it seems like I have 3 big lashes, and this is after only one coat and my attempt at separating them. I can actually feel it when I blink. If you like the 3 lash look then this might be for you. Have at ‘er, but read the rest first.

Now we have the Benefit.


Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Long feathery lashes, still look voluminous. People would look at you and think, “What nice lashes,” not, “What great mascara.” Unless you aim to emulate a Kardashian, in which case this is SO not the blog for you, this should be your goal—for people to think you look good, not that your makeup looks good.

The final criteria are smudges and flakes. In the interest of full disclosure, neither of the ones I tried were waterproof. The Benefit does smudge a bit, especially if you are like me and wear lots of sunscreen and eye cream. I would give it an 8 out of 10. It’s a lot better than many.

Now let me tell me about the Stila. If you hate flakes and smudges then this one is great, IF you don’t blink … ever. Enough said?

I can’t believe that these are the same price. Trust me, only one is worth it. I have a few others though that I love even more …

Does that have you thinking? 🙂

Until next time, MEOW!





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