I Am a Drugstore Addict

I could happily get lost in the aisles of a high end department store’s cosmetics department. Meet me at the Dior counter! But does this mean I have lost the joy of finding that one perfect, affordable treasure in the neighborhood drugstore. Oh Hells no!!!

My name is Denise, and I am a drugstore addict.

If I have learned one thing over the years it is that price does not always equal a great product. You heard me, horrible mascara that came out in one big clump—I’m looking at you!!! But that is for another post on another day. Don’t feel you’ve escaped my wrath.

I digress. There are some fantastic products at the drugstore but it can be overwhelming. Let me point you in the right direction by showing you a few of my favorites.


Nyx Butter Gloss

These glosses smell like cake. Clap it out with me. THESE. GLOSSES. SMELL. LIKE. CAKE!!! That’s almost enough right there, but there is more. There are 34 shades, so if you can’t find out to suit your mood then you are probably one of those people who doesn’t like their food to touch. Actually, I don’t like my food to touch and I still always find a color. OCD is not an excuse! Moving on…

They are the perfect amount of sticky. Just enough that you feel like you have something on your lips but not so much that you are ducking out of the way of kisses. No one should ever duck out of the way of kisses. You never know when your own personal Park Jimin or Song Mino (look them up) may find you. Do you want to have to run away? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

They last well for a gloss without that separating and chunking up that some glosses do. Most important is price. I have paid under 8.00 CDN for these every time, and they go on sale damn cheap! My personal star shade is the Angel Food Cake which is the second from the right in the pic. It is a perfect pale mauve. I usually go for a darker lip and nude looks awful on me, but this one is juuuuuust right. You could say it is the Goldilocks of lip glosses.

Next product is the e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer


We all know of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, right? The absolute OG of silicone based primers. Undeniably a fantastic product. I think of it like spackle, but in a pretty way. 🙂 It fills cracks and pores. See, like spackle! It’s pretty amazing, and it’s also fairly pricey at 44.00. Well worth it when you can afford the price, but sometimes things have to come before makeup.

It legit hurt me to type those last words.

I did a bit of a trial today. I used Smashbox on half of my face and e.l.f on the other half. I then did the rest of my makeup as usual. What did I notice? Both gave a smooth finish to the skin, perfect to receive the foundation layer. But I would hope that would be true. I mean, is that not the role of a primer? The foundation was equally blendable on both sides. Overall first impression was great!

The only difference I see is in wear. Smashbox definitely outlasts the e.l.f.  Both are fine for an 8 hour day, but if you are headed into an extra long 16 hour stretch you may want to have some powder for touch ups.

Did I mention the price of the e.l.f.? Can you say UNDER 10.00 CDN??? 44.00 vs. 10.00 CDN! Yes, please sign me up! This is a dupe you all need to have.

One more product. I have to hold back because I could go on and on and on …


Fit Me Shine Free Balance Foundation Stick

Do you have oily skin, or skin that sweats off makeup in the summer? THIS is the best. The best. Best. BEST. Now, I will admit that stick foundations are a matter of taste. I have always loved them because they are quick and easy, and if there’s one thing people say about me it’s, “Denise sure is quick and easy.” Just slap a few lines on your face, use a sponge to blend and voila! DONE!

Your skin will be instantly matte and it LASTS! You can throw the stick in your bag for touch ups on a long day. If you are extra oily you may want to bring a powder with you for late in the day, but it will not be necessary for hours and hours. The powdery core in the center of the stick is truly miraculous.

They have a wide range of colors, though certainly there will be some left out. I will speak to my area of expertise—those so pale they look nearly dead. I can say that Maybelline tends to have great shades for those pigment-free among us.

How much will you spend on this little beauty? I got mine for 11.00 CDN, the price on the website!

For all of these, remember that drugstores have the best sales.

I really am a drugstore addict.

God, grant me the serenity …

Until next time, MEOW!



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